Happy Fall!

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Happy Fall!

Hello, everybody! I can’t believe it’s already October. At least, that’s what Mom keeps saying, along with something about time flying. Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to!

I had a pretty busy summer. We moved to a new apartment and I started a new school in June. I love the apartment because I can look out the window and watch the planes in the sky, sometimes Mom or Dad will hold me while I stand on the windowsill, and then I can look up at the sky AND down at the street and I can see everything! There’s a big playground and an astroturf field and a doggie park right next to our building too, and wide sidewalks where I can push my stroller myself (that’s my favorite thing right now). Oh and we live right by a river called the Hudson River, where there are lots of boats. Sometimes we go look for squirrels in a little cove by the river. One day I’m going to catch one, even though Mom says she’d prefer it if I didn’t.

I love my new school too. My teachers are the best. I love them and they love me! (Why wouldn’t they!) Over the summer, every Friday was water play day, which means we got to go outside and play under this awesome sprinkler that was a rainbow that rained on us! We still go on the playground almost every day, but water play is over for the fall. We make art, we have story time and circle time, and sometimes we do yoga!

In July, Mom and Dad took me on a vacation. At first I didn’t really like this thing called “vacation” because I had to sit in the car for a while, but on the way, we stopped to visit some friends who have baby a little younger than me, and we got to play in tiny pool, so I guess it wasn’t that bad. When we finally got to Lake Placid, I was really excited. Dad kept saying something about an iron man and riding a bicycle fast down the hills we were driving on. I’m not sure what it was all about, but it sounds fun…wheeee! We stayed in a big hotel that looked like a log cabin with a huuuge bed and I got to eat grilled cheese a lot and all the waitresses in town wanted to take me home. That made me feel very special. I met a girl my age named Charlotte who kept chasing me and giving me flowers she picked. I liked her! Oh, and, we went on a hike near a waterfall and I got to ride on dad’s back in this cool seat! And I went in a lake! Wow, that was a fun trip.

It’s almost Halloween now, and I can’t wait. Dad helped pick out a costume for me. I hope it isn’t too scary. I’ll come back soon and tell you all about it!

Bye for now.


Lincoln, I hope you got to see the selfie I sent you today. Tomorrow, I hope you get to see the real me. If the airplanes are on schedule I will be there. I am excited to come visit you.
Your blog is fun to read. You are a very busy boy and I am happy to hear that you do so many things. It’s funny that I happened to find this posting just after I was reading about all the things your mommy did and said when she was about your age. She was very busy back then, too.
Love, Grandma

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